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The Preamble (The Test Thread)

Who: The cast
Where: 7-0's classroom
When: Lunch!
What: Some basic testing.

That was the word that had gripped 7-0.  No one knew exactly how it started, and not everyone was so charmed, but it had become a magic word for the 7th graders on the basement floor of the Belfry, who had not even windows to escape through and spotty reception at best.
The kids took to notes instead.  Simple, hand-written, paper notes.  Passed between themselves constantly. People were getting bullied for their handwriting now.  Churlish had appeared somewhere, some time, in one of those notes, and then again, and again, and had wormed its way into their vocabulary.  A catch all:  The teacher's driving me churling crazy.  Raury's such a churl.
No one wanted to be a churl.
It might've been the school proper what done it.  The Belfry was a spindly, mean thing, looming over a stretch of pretty beach like a malcontent lighthouse.  It hunched in the wind, which licked misty off the cold grey winter waters of the lake, roof slung over it at a surly angle, old and brittle and arthritic even in its youth.  Several stories tall, and perched lonely atop a hill that was murder on a bike, churlish was an apt word for the Belfry.
In all likelihood, the word came from their teacher Ms. Poplar. She was a fair teacher most of the time, but notoriously temperamental. Today, she was of the private opinion that she was much too pretty and promising to be toiling away in the basement of The Belfy.  Her bad moods were often given away by her hair, and today it was a particularly high and sloppy ponytail.  Churlish was an apt word for her, too.
Ms. Poplar's mood had spread through the classroom;  kids were skittish and quiet.  The first whisperer of the day had been made example of, and several notes were plastered behind her as grim trophies; she scowled and stared down the class while she hung them up.  More mortifying, the contents had all been read aloud after.  She'd only handed out petty busy work, the kind that made it easy to keep checking her phone and biting her lip.
When the bell rang for lunch period, Ms. Poplar sat in her seat for a few long minutes more, head in her hands and the class holding their breath.  It wasn't until a girl, Notoriously Nervous Ruby, finally stood up and after several false starts dashed past the teacher's desk and out the door that Ms. Poplar lifted her head, glared around sulkily, and drug herself out of the room.  Churlishly.
A gentle buzz of voices filled the room as the pall broke.  Bags crinkled open and kids disappeared out the door, fading away into the cacaphony of the halls.

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Belladonna had worked quietly and diligently at the work handed out, grades were important her parents had told her as she'd questioned their relevance long ago. Not because they expected her to go into the sciences or any such thing, but it was vital to maintaining dignity and aloofness they had said, to be people's intellectual superior was better than to be their equal. She looked around her at classmates, there were plenty who got grades as good as hers' and deep down she suspected they had far more natural talent than she did, all she had was hard work.

She toiled away at her studies obediently and as such she had made easy work of what Ms. Poplar had handed out and as soon as it became apparent they could leave she began slowly gathering together her things. She never moved quickly, instead her movement were almost floating, careful delicate movements and wafting grace.

Her bag was a black and white lace affair with multiple internal 'secret' pockets, she opened one of them as she finished putting away her pencils and paper and looked down at Bamba's pokeball, touching it gently with a finger and then lifting it out and holding it in the palm of her hand. She had left Nightshade at home, he didn't really like being brought to school and she could tell from his behaviour he thought it was innapropriate for her pokemon to act as a distraction from classes. She wished she could let Bamba out there and then but he had a habit of getting into scuffles and being far too boisterous for the classroom, dignity and aloofness had never been traits of his.

"No, not now." She said to herself, her tone quiet and filled with far more of an ominous tone than it really needed.
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What Cookie lacked in wafting grace, she made up for in the uncanny ability to appear out of nowhere, as though she hadn't moved at all. There wasn't any trick to it. She walked, like anybody else. Plenty had see her ambling down the hall, usually with her shoulders rolled forward in a relaxed, lackadaisical slouch and her hands deep in her hoodie pouch. It's just sometimes they didn't see her, too. As far as Cookie was concerned, she never did anything worth being accused of sneaking - but all that quiet seemed to give her a knack for it, anyway.

"What'cha got there, Donna?"

Her voice was light, curious, a bit airy; her question was a pleasantry, the kind of thing she wouldn't be asking if she hadn't already decided she was interested. And she was interested, rocking forward on the balls of her feet, hands still dug in her pockets. Her big, sleepy eyes were trained sharp and appraising on the delicate lace bag. It wasn't the kind of thing you'd expect to see someone like Cookie take an interest in, swathed as she was in an oversize hood and perpetually hiding under a fringe the colour of dishwater.

Maybe she'd seen what was inside.

Then again, maybe not. Cookie had a way of surprising beyond just appearing out of the shadows.
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Belladonna turned her head slowly to look Cookie up and down, showing no surprise at having someone suddenly appear beside her. Living in a house of ghost and psychic types had given her a tolerance of these things, besides it just wasn't right for someone of her family to jump at suddenly appearing sleepy girls. Although Cookie's ability to slide out of nowhere was admirable, it was a talent Belladonna lacked, possibly the lace, flounces and silver white hair made her hard to miss.

"A creature of untold destruction, the stars aligned at it's hatching to bring forth an animal of deep and forbidding terror." She said with grandeur and raising her hand to her temple. It was only a slight exaggeration, Bamba, adorable little pancham that he was, had caused a fair amount of property damage and was always up for a fight. Not that he often won any. Actually anyone who knew Belladonna remotely well had met Bamba and could probably guess it was his furry self inside the pokeball in her hand slightly obscured by her bag. If he was a creature of untold destruction was subjective.

She turned to Cookie her face blank. "Also I wish to locate an item, it might be something you could assist me with. I have something interesting in return." Her house was full of the spooky, the weird and creepy, coming across trinkets and curios that appealed to Cookie's economy had never been hard for Belladonna.
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"Really?" Cookie answered, more interested than skeptical but certainly both. Her eyes flicked upward as she considered what Belladonna qualified as an alignment of stars or if perhaps she had meant to say planets and if it the state of the sky on Bamba's birthday was worth further probing or if this had been strictly an expression used for dramatic effect. Probably the latter, Cookie decided with private disappointment, and let the matter drop without further comment.

Her gaze shifted slow back to Donna at the mention of a request. Cookie didn't exactly have a business face - she usually laughed into her sleeve at the kind of self-seriousness that was prerequisite for that kind of thing - but there was a subtle shift in her at the mention of a job anyway, some gear clicking into place behind her eyes that shook the sleep from them.

"Oh yeah? What did you have in mind?"