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Name:The Low Reaches
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Break's over, cupcake.

Your alarm grins it at you from your bedside table. You roll over, willing that monster away, but it's already made its way in. You feel those whens, whos, and whys squirming inside you. The worst kind of worms. They'll be gone in the morning, but now it's just you and them and they're churning you inside out.

That'd teach them. For sending you back to school. For stealing away this sweet summer bliss.

The disappearances might steal some of your thunder though. There'd be no televised funeral, no pile of flowers left at your bed or your parent's door. No charities or sick kid hospitals either. Nothing. So unfair. You'd just be another flower on the memorial to everyone but your friends, family, and this new thing curled up at your side.

You lift it up into the air. Your new Pokemon — the one you got on your birthday. The one you're not legally supposed to have but no one really cares about. It stares at you with sleepy eyes. It quiets the worms. Puts back some of the spine they chewed away. You roll back over, cradling your new favorite thing, and brave the clock again.

The worms didn't go away. They're butterflies now.

Welcome to the Belfry, kid.

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The Low Reaches is an Original Character Pokemon RPG. As a young trainer in the new frontier region of Sinjoh, you’re thrilled to finally start catching Pokemon — but it’s hard not to be nervous, too, what with you just starting the seventh grade at Blackbell Middle School. And that's not to mention all the strange disappearances...

Art by Aun61 | layout by [personal profile] minotaur & [personal profile] gingernaps
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