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Lunch with a Bulbasaur

Who: Rhyssa Akahoshi & YOU
Where: Near the woods/some tall grass
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after the day is done

Who: Rhyssa Akahoshi & YOU
Where: Playground; swingset
When: After school

we race the shadows home )

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Who: Raury, open
Where: The edge of school grounds
When: The end of the school day
What: Licking his wounds

A settling storm.. )
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Charms For Sale

Who: Cookie, Open
Where: The Belfry
When: Lunchtime, the week after the incident
What: An omamori stand

Charms and amulets )
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The beginning

Who: The cast
Where: The Belfry's front yard and parking lot
When: Morning
What: A bus has arrived, empty, causing quite the stir.
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The Preamble (The Test Thread)

Who: The cast
Where: 7-0's classroom
When: Lunch!
What: Some basic testing.

Churlish )