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"Why would anyone throw a pokeball at anything but a pokemon?" Rhyssa mumured, a little confused. She had her pack in hand and was eager to walk the park. It was strange being without Kali and Fallon and Rhyssa felt a little off balance without them but it wasn't the end of the world.

And she wasn't throwing her pokeball at just any movement. She walked carefully, observantly, letting the tall grass take her on an adventure. That's what it was, really, a grand adventure. Three hours of it, too! This was what she loved best, exploring. She saw a Fletchling hopping through the grass looking for some food buried in the long grass, a Wurmple trundling along in the opposite direction, a lovely vulpix who ran away when Rhyssa approached. Each pokemon was different and Rhyssa sat herself down on a rock to simply watch. She didn't see much beyond a wonderful looking Cutiefly, another Fletchling, a Dedene, a Bunnelby, and a very quick Froakie. Hopefully, it would find its mates soon enough. It was nearing the two hour mark when she saw them.

There, near the purple flowers, were two Fennekin rolling about as they played with each other. She covered her mouth to stop her own laughter as they both rolled into her legs. One sneezed and let out a puff of fire and the other squeaked and disappeared a moment later into the green grass and flowers. Rhyssa righted the one that had collided with her and gave it a pat.

"You look like you could use a treat," she said softly and held out a piece of food. It was sniffed delicately for a long moment before the Fennekin took it and ran away a few steps to nibble on it. "Good, mm?"

It raised its head, eyes nearly shining as it let out a soft fen! and bounced a little. She offered another treat, which was taken immediately and disappeared quite neatly.

"Do you want to come home with me?" she asked as it came closer and reached for the trailing ends of her twintails. She offered the pokeball and let the little Fennekin sniff at it for awhile. "I think you'd like Kali and Fallon."

"Fen? Fen. Nekin!" it said and she detected a note of glee in its voice.

"Okay, ready, Fennekin?" It ran back and bounced more as she tossed the pokeball into the air. And there, ah, it was rocking, the light on it flashed and--

Caught! Rhyssa beamed as she moved to scoop up the pokeball and then activated it to release her new friend. The Fennekin wound itself around her ankles, chirping it's little cry until Rhyssa picked it up for a good snuggle before heading back to the picnic tables.

"Time for a real lunch," she said brightly. "Isn't that right, Fennekin?"

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