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Lunch with a Bulbasaur

Who: Rhyssa Akahoshi & YOU
Where: Near the woods/some tall grass
When: Lunch

With her lunch finished Rhyssa sat, meditating, while Kali and Fallon worked on various moves against each other.  Kali knew Work Up, Stored Power, Baton Pass, and Return and had Leftovers.  Fallon knew Leaf Blade, Return, Razor Leaf, and Roost and had Leftovers as well.  Both of them had been given Leftovers from her mother's Meowth during the summer, and they'd been working hard with using their moves effectively.  At some point, she'd go looking for other pokemon to join their team to support them.  Adaptability, Kali's ability, came in handy and so did Fallon's Overgrow.  As a trainer, Rhyssa knew that these moves must all be used wisely and they could only reach their full potential if she worked with them as often as they could.

It was definitely difficult for Kali, who, as an Eevee was effectively outclassed by nearly every other pokemon.  She had to work twice as hard but one day, when she chose what she wanted to be, all of this training would pay off.  Fallon would help and support her in every way he could and so would Rhyssa.  They both had wonderful stats so she had no doubt they would be their best when they were older.  Kali's IV's were consistent 30s save her in Health and Attack which were 31s.  At the the moment, that meant she was a bulky physical sweeper, the same as Fallon.  They just needed some support, which she was fairly certain they'd get over the course of her schooling.

As she thought about all of this, she heard the grass rustle to reveal a small Bulbasaur drawn out by the two training Pokemon.  They both stopped to let out curious cries.  Rhyssa relaxed completely as she let out a long breath and watched the wild pokemon as it waddled forward to inspect Kali and Fallon.  It looked really healthy, the green leaves bright, its color wonderful, and she smiled and it chirped at Fallon.  She supposed it helped that he, too, was a grass type.  Kali joined the conversation with a few of her own comments but left Fallon to it as she bounced back toward Rhyssa and into her lap.

Rhyssa smiled and snuggled the Eevee.  Glancing to her the remainder of her lunch, she saw that it was mostly leaves and vegetables, things the Bulbasaur would probably enjoy eating.  Slowly, she took some of the tasty leaves and offered them.  Fallon's eyes widened a little and he nudged the Bulbasaur toward the food.

"It's good, I promise," she whispered.  "Don't worry, little one.  No catching today, but you can have the rest of my leaves."  Oh, ho, it was a curious thing, she thought as it slowly wandered over.  "You're a pretty Bulbasaur, you know that?"

"Saur, saur," it said as it accepted a leaf and munched happily.  "Bulbasaur!"

Rhyssa let out a soft laugh.  It was really, really cute.  Maybe one day she'd catch one to add to her team.  It wasn't a bird or a fox pokemon but that was okay.  Just because she liked certain types didn't meant she didn't love all pokemon.  Especially if they were this cute!
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"Prob'ly shouldn't be so close to the woods."

The light voice carried ahead of the girl it belonged to. She had been ambling along the perimeter, weaving in and out of the treeline, swiping at saplings with an old dead branch she carried in one hand for no reason save boredom. Meowth tagged along behind her, darting around trees to swipe at the trail the stick left in the dirt. 'Rora had never been difficult to entertain, and Cookie smiled with amusement as she claimed the branch in a sudden sneak attack.

She kept an eye on her Pokemon even as she continued talking to Rhyssa.

"We're not s'posed to go out of bounds alone anymore," she mused, a recitation of a rule she clearly felt more prudent than ardent about following. She watched the little Bulbasaur munch leaves thoughtfully, and pulled a few from a nearby tree herself.
"Maybe it's a Pokemon that's been getting kids. That why you're training?"