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after the day is done

Who: Rhyssa Akahoshi & YOU
Where: Playground; swingset
When: After school

Rhyssa looked down at her phone and sighed, rubbing the bridge of her nose as she pushed off the ground to let the swing gently carry her forward. It was an absent thing as she frowned at the text message she'd just gotten. Well, all things said and done, it wasn't like she was surprised that her mother wasn't coming to pick her up again. It meant walking home with her pokemon, which wasn't at all a chore. She wasn't scared of it, anyway, even if there'd been that business with the bus. She wasn't letting it bother her anyway.  It not like it stopped her from walking to school, either, or doing her homework (which was finished already and in her bag).  

Fallon swooped and dove through the air like a little green and white puffball of feathers as he played with Kali, who kept launching herself at him as high as she could jump.  They did get along well together, even if Kali could be somewhat grumpy at times.  She wasn't today, though, Rhyssa could tell.  She was full of energy from her pokebeans, same with Fallon.  Letting them work that energy off was such a good thing.  
Rhyssa fiddled with her phone a little more, firing off a quick text to see if her mother was staying at the lab for the whole evening or not.  It was probably a good thing that dinner was already cooking in a crock pot she'd prepared before school.  At least then, there'd be enough for a few days, all she needed to do was wash and make rice.  That wouldn't be hard at all.

A  chirrup interrupted her thoughts as Fallon hung sideways on the rusty chain, swinging with her, his head swiveling this way and that.  She laughed and put the phone back into her pocket.  There was no sense in dwelling on it, much like many things in her life, her mother's inattention was becoming incredibly normal.  The toe of her shoe found the ground, stilling the swing and she kissed Fallon on the head and Kali bounced to a stop in front of her.

"I suppose we should get walking then," she said with a nod of her head.  "Fallon, you keep a keen eye out for anything weird because, well, it's weird out here.  Kali, keep me in the loop if we're being followed, okay?"  She stood and Fallon sat on her shoulder, nuzzling her cheek for a moment as she leaned to get her bag.

"I know I can count on you two," she murmured.  Kali's ears perked up and she strutted a little, giving her best fierce look.  "You know when you do that, you look like you just might evolve into an Umbreon.  But that's your choice, isn't it?"  Kalli bounced a little and Fallon shuffled around as Rhyssa put her backpack on.

"Alright team, let's go home!"

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Well now, this was a familiar feeling. The both of them not having a ride back to their homes. Parents that worked were getting to be a thing, or uncles that worked anyway. Shizuka caught sight of Rhyssa and waved, coming in her direction. Trailing behind her was an ever grinning, chipmunk looking thing that could only have been Gutsy.

It gave a playful growl and started trying to sprint its way around the eevee, clearly amused with itself and its antics. She sighed and rubbed her forehead, her hand resting on Peanut next to her. "You about to walk back? I was thinking of stopping by a cafe on the way if you wanted to join me." It was a way to make it seem less like she'd totally gotten ditched by her uncle now that things were calming down a little. "Unless you wanted to try that battle we talked about, that is."