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He'd watched Raury run off, the steady bobbing of white that was his hair disappearing into the distant dark. Stood there with his fingers gripped tight to his backpack straps. Kept an eyebrow raised, skepticism tugging at the corner of his mouth. It wasn't something he was in the habit of doing,this paying attention to Raury business; he didn't dislike the boy, as such. Alexander found it hard to dislike anyone. Right down to a fault, that exuberant enthusiasm that welled up from within was something he wanted to share with everyone, even Raury. He'd learnt, though. Nothing but bared teeth and snarled threats came out of trying to share with Raury.

Something was different, though. He couldn't have told you what if he tried- couldn't explain the tug he felt, pulling him forward, no regard for the spark of fear that flickered through him. Not fear of Raury. Fear of something nameless, gnawing at the back of his mind, one everyone had been feeling for weeks if they stared out at the dark places of town too long. He buried that fear deeper with each footstep he took, let it be replaced by a grim fascination of the unknown- and of whatever it was Raury was doing.

One foot in front the other, squelching his way through the field, coming to a stop underneath the monkey bars. He hadn’t been able to see where Raury went, but he could hear him.

“Raaaury! It’s you, right?” He calls in a sing song voice, infuriatingly cheerful in spite the gloam. He’s a hard kid to put down.

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