foxfeathers: (rhyssazerochan3)
Rhys ([personal profile] foxfeathers) wrote in [community profile] the_low_reaches 2017-01-25 08:47 am (UTC)

Her coat was warm and she was wrapped well against the weather, Fallon on her shoulder and Kali in the pocket of her fleece lined coat. She'd been walking home for the last few days because she could and because she didn't have much of an alternative. Today, though, she chose another route around the back of the building where the derelict playground lie. It was partially Fallon's fault, he'd wanted to look into the forest, she could tell. Rhyssa picked her way through the equipment, leaning against the main tower for a moment as the rain started drum down harder. As she ducked, she heard music.

"Hello?" she called out. "You mind sharing for a bit? Looks like I walked here just in time."

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