foxfeathers: (rhyssa2byulrorqualzerochan)
Rhys ([personal profile] foxfeathers) wrote in [community profile] the_low_reaches 2017-01-23 04:44 am (UTC)

"Oh, Fallon, no," Rhyssa said in dismay as her Rowlet decided the table and its contents were worth a look. He landed and sorta rolled across the table like a ball before finding his balance. Kali peeked her head out of one of Rhyssa's overlarge pockets to see what the other pokemon was up to and flattened her ears in dismay.

Rhyssa moved quickly to attempt to collect as many paper slips as she could before they hit the ground.

"They look really well made," she offered, cautiously offering the ones she'd collected back. Fallon made a sheepish row sound.

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