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Charms For Sale

Who: Cookie, Open
Where: The Belfry
When: Lunchtime, the week after the incident
What: An omamori stand

It was unusual for Cookie to set up so close to the school, let alone so out in the open, but these were unusual times. She sat behind a table in the hall that fed into the cafeteria. It was the kind of collapsible table usually used for entirely above-ground, school-sponsored purposes, like the sale of baked goods or sign ups to the few extracurricular events the Sinjoh region would permit. The colourful paper slips arranged cheerfully across the table looked perfectly legitimate, but Cookie’s presence behind the table - slouched lazily in her chair, feet up on another, dozing to the drone of the pop machine - was probably enough to give pause.

Ms. Poplar had already given her the gears. She’d relented when Cookie assured her that she wasn’t selling the charms - that this was a benevolent act, meant to soothe the shaky nerves of the student body. They were souvenirs originally from a trip to Ecruteak city, and now they were here, and Cookie was distributing them Out Of The Goodness Of Her Heart. Charms might be superstitious, but wasn't it enough if it helped people feel a little bit safer?

Ms. Poplar had let it go in exchange for a love charm, after issuing an ominous warning about what would happen to Cookie if she was caught later with students’ lunch money.

Luckily, Cookie was interested in plenty of things other than petty cash.
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"Oh, Fallon, no," Rhyssa said in dismay as her Rowlet decided the table and its contents were worth a look. He landed and sorta rolled across the table like a ball before finding his balance. Kali peeked her head out of one of Rhyssa's overlarge pockets to see what the other pokemon was up to and flattened her ears in dismay.

Rhyssa moved quickly to attempt to collect as many paper slips as she could before they hit the ground.

"They look really well made," she offered, cautiously offering the ones she'd collected back. Fallon made a sheepish row sound.
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"Johto? Wow, I've never been there before," Rhyssa said as she took Fallon back. "Luck? These days, everyone could use some of that." She laughed and hugged her Rowlet. "He's pretty cute and cuddly and he really likes being pet and snuggled. It's ridiculous."
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"I haven't yet but how beautiful you are!"

Rhyssa smiled gently at the pokemon, excited to meet Cookie's friend but very conscious of her nervousness.

"It's alright, don't worry, Polly. We're safe and sound here." Fallon gave a soft woo and hopped down to join the Ralts, swaying a little as he made comforting sounds. Not for the first time, Rhyssa wished she could understand him better. He seemed like he was being quite gentlemanly, though, and that was lovely.
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"What's going on here?" Shizuka sounded critical, but really she always had a bit of a critical tone to her when dealing with things she didn't expect. She stood there, staring at the table with an eye full of critique, mixed with curiosity. If the teachers were letting this slide, then there wasn't anything wrong here, obviously, but still she was ... curious what exactly Cookie was up to.

So, arms folded in front of her, she waited for Cookie to stop being quite so relaxed. She'd get her curiosity sated soon enough, and in the meantime could look down at the charms with curious and maybe a little suspicious eyes.
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"Hello Cookie," she replied, looking at the girl for a moment before smirking. "And yes, someone has to." It wasn't like there was many volunteers for the position most of the time. There were too few of their classmates right now. All the same, she tried not to look too critical while they were talking at first. If the teachers had a problem, they'd deal with it.

"I have a minute. But, what are these charms supposed to be? Decorative?" She was curious about the items, even if she was skeptical. "What are they?"