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The beginning

Who: The cast
Where: The Belfry's front yard and parking lot
When: Morning
What: A bus has arrived, empty, causing quite the stir.

The storm fell over the town like a pall, and with it came the fog.  
It was a hungry, curious thing.  So thick and wet it licked at your clothes and skin when you stepped out into it, tasting you, and stealing sight and color from the world, leaving it slick and oily.  Shadows festered in its recesses, coiling and dancing beneath it like living things, greedy in the low light.  Above was no better:  the angry thunderheads hung mountainous over the city, spitting rain and blooming with lightning.  Storms were fierce in Sinjoh, and this was no exception, booming and growling its discontent, threatening to shake the bones from bodies.  The rain fell in heavy sheets, gutters and creeks swollen and fast with it.  Little rivers streamed across Blackbell.  It choked the city.  It blinded it.  
Maybe that's why no one noticed until it was too late.  
Out of that grey, pitiless gloom rose the old (new) crooked Belfry, and beneath it, a mass of children and their beleaguered teachers, their rain slickers and jackets shiny in the rain, whispering and sharing glances among themselves -- those who weren't transfixed on the cloudbursts of red and blues in the fog and the occasional ghostlight that meandered clumsily through it.  Police sirens chirped, sharp against the dull grey fog, and sometimes a walkie would crackle to life.  
Worse still were the keen wails as whoever stumbled out of their car up to the police barricade were turned aside, told the news, and lost themselves.
Because everyone remembered the cargo ship.
Everyone remembered what washed up to shore, only a short few weeks ago.  There were pictures all over the internet:  strange, pale figures.  Motionless.  Their mouths toothless gapes.  Their eyes worse.  Empty.  Nothing staring at nothing.  They were human shaped, but too slack, too soggy, too translucent.  They would burst if they tried to move.  Some had when the authorities had gone to collect them.
The bus was submerged in the fog, its bright yellow coloring strange and forbidding now.  Nearly twenty minutes ago it had lurched into the parking lot, and died.  It went still, lights and engines snapping off, and no one had noticed anything amiss -- the steady beat of the rain and growl of thunder drowned out everything else the fog didn't cover -- until a few minutes had gone past and no one had stepped off.  The door had remained shut.  Eventually someone investigated.  Called out and knocked on the side door, frowned into the empty inside.  They managed the door open, and a gentle rush of fetid, dark water spilled out.  Inside, the rows and rows of bus seats were empty.  Just backpacks and toys, even a few pokeballs, sat lonely and abandoned.
When the authorities arrived, they found the teachers trying to shoo the children away from the bus, many of them lifting on to tiptoe to try and get a glance inside at the back door, or smashing their faces into the side door.  The first cop car was soon joined by another, and another.  EMTs were called:  a child had fainted.  A barricade was constructed, and some order was restored.
Until the first parent arrived.  
And then the press.
The Belfry hunched over the small circus forming on its parking lot, bell toning with the start of the school day.  Its crooked arches and spindly lengths, occasionally thrown into fierce shadows from a lightning strike, were skeletal in the gloom.  School had been cancelled for the day.   Parents were being called to pick up children.  A line was queuing near the western port of the parking lot.

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No sooner had she joined the mass of students outside than Anastasia's umbrella fwooshed open (collapsible and spheal-patterned, complete with a beige underside; which, she reflected not for the first time, kind of undercut the effect of the pattern, if she herself couldn't see it). She felt like the fog was actually kind of pretty, in its own way, despite being, yes, gloomy and creepy.

Only, it was a bit hard to appreciate thoughts about Sinjoh's aesthetics when this whole... situation was ongoing. Anastasia had taken to shuffling back and forth, near-ish to the front of the crowd, aimlessly. She was as morbidly curious as anyone what was going on with that bus, but at the same time kind of... didn't want to know.

Like being afraid of the dark at night and burying her head under the covers, because even if the monsters (in her closet, under her bed, right behind her) were real, so long as she didn't look at them they might not be.

As usual with such things, her imagination was doing a decent job of filling things in (was that one of this school's buses? was it supposed to have been bringing people to the Belfry today? if so, and nobody was being allowed to look at it... -- but maybe everyone had gotten off already and they were just cancelling classes because of the weather; so long as she didn't know better, there might not be anything really, terribly wrong).

Periodically, she checked her phone--
("school got canceled, i think because of the weather" ; "Do you need a ride home?" ; "idk will msg you when they say something" "message*" "I don't know*" "they want parents to come pick us up. i don't know if they'll have buses for the kids whose parents can't come. there are police here" ; "I'll talk with your father, and one of us will be over as soon as we can. I'll let you know when to expect us." ; "k" "okay*" ; and that had been... several minutes ago, at least, though time felt like it was just stretching on interminably)
--but mostly she shivered and rubbed her arms for warmth. She was really not dressed for the chill or the moisture, only a light and medium-sleeved cardigan warn over her regular clothes. The chill and the damp did at least provide a distraction from the other aspects of the situation, it wasn't nearly enough of one, not with that bus just... looming there.
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Uncle Ueda would probably be one of the last ones here today. It wasn't because he didn't care, but really because he was caught in the middle of work. That was fine. Shizuka had been taking care of herself for a long time for the most part, and so she wasn't really worried about all that. All he cared about first was that she was ok and safe, and once she'd talked to him on the phone to let him know, he had said he'd be on the way.

Covered head to toe in a rain slicker, she watched what was going on with far too much curiosity right now. She wanted to know what had happened. She'd heard about the rumors in the past, and now the bus had appeared but not the kids? She'd known people on that bus after all, and she wanted to know where they were, if everyone was ok, and when she was sure that none of that was known, she wanted to know why.

At the same time, she wasn't going to ask or start pestering the adults about it. instead, she stared curiously at the front of the crowd, watching away and trying not to look too obvious about her curiosity. One hand idly rested on her Amaura, Peanut, fingers taking comfort from their chilled head. Her eyes stared on and she tried to decide how to investigate what was happening.

...but under the adults' watchful eyes, she was damned sure that wasn't going to be happening today.
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It got maybe a little more chilled after a moment as one of the other kids drew nearer. Shizuka's Amaura was out in the open, the girl having it walking next to her right about then like an old family friend. It was an unspoken sign of just how nervous she was that it was out unless one of the adults told her to put it away. She didn't have it out at school almost ever, knowing that they were still too young to really be out on their own. But, it was comforting to have the pokemon close...

Even if it was basically like having the refrigerator door open near you.

She walked up closer, looking at Anastasia and frowning. "Are you alright. Is anyone missing from class?" she asked, keeping her voice from sounding as nervous as possible. Of course, she didn't mean whatever was going on with the bus. She was talking about the other people in their class, of course, not the bus up ahead. She didn't want to sound callous, but she was a bit more concerned about their immediate classmates.
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Rhyssa was quiet in the rain, her Rowlet, Fallon, had decided to become an impromptu umbrella for all that his wings weren't remotely big enough. She let him help anyway as she dug into her bag for her umbrella. It was black, nondescript, but on its underside it was blue and populated by bird pokemon flying through a blue sky background. It was also large enough to fit a few more people once she got it open. Kali, her Eevee, had managed to carefully drape herself around Rhyssa's neck in the most impossible of ways. Honestly, it looked like she had somehow acquired an Eevee as a scarf.

She was, however, warmer.

"Come on under here where it's dry," Rhyssa called as she watched the commotion with interest, snagging elbows and hands when she could. Her mother wasn't coming, she knew that already. She'd have to walk home or get a ride. "I wonder if they'll let me walk home or if I'm going to have to beg a ride with someone. My mother's been at a conference somewhere for days. Just me in the house."

She paused for a moment to consider the scene.

"I guess that bus is probably a mess. Figures it'd come here, this place already looks like someone plucked it from a horror novel." She craned her head back toward the school and let out a huff. "It could use some new paint and someone to plant a friendly garden."
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A particularly vigorous shiver arrested Anastasia's back-and-forthing, and no sooner had she finished giving her arms another brisk rub-down (tucking her umbrella between her arm and torso to keep it more-or-less in place) than Shizuka was upon her. "Oh, um..." the girl's Amaura got a somewhat perplexed look, but Ana quickly returned to the question. "I don't think so?" And, at that, she glanced around, looking for familiar faces... though not really to the point of trying to tally them up.

"Though I haven't actually checked. Oh, and yeah, I'm, um. I'm doing fine. A bit cold, but..." she shrugs, and forces an almost-smile... and promptly spoils it by gnawing at her lip. "Are you? Doing alright, that is?"

She kept her volume on the low side of conversational, hushed out of a sense of... well, really nothing in particular. It just would have felt somehow wrong not to, what with the overall... atmosphere.
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She was fine in her slicker, thank you very much Rhyssa. But, when she got her arm snagged like that, she was pulled in close to the Eevee wrapped girl, her own Amaura huddling down between her legs. The pokemon shook itself 'dry,' little bits of frozen water going in every direction instead of droplets of water. The air around the fossil was just a bit colder always, not that Shizuka ever seemed to mind.

She looked over at her and shrugged before shaking her head. "I never really thought about it like that. It doesn't scare me, after all." Yeah, well, she always liked to behave like she wasn't scared of anything at all. But, something else was nagging at her more the longer that she thought about it, right up until the point that she frowned.

"You're coming over to my place for dinner tonight. You know that, right?" No, there wasn't fear there, but it seemed like a bad idea for someone to go somewhere alone tonight, not after all this.
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They totally needed a class president, someone to take roll at times like this. It felt almost silly not to have one. After all, if someone wandered off, there could be all kinds of trouble tracking them down. Still, the teachers were here, so there shouldn't be a problem.

"Cold never bothers me much. But Peanut's kind of like a portable air conditioner, so I'm used to it," she said, grinning away. "Just be glad she has Refrigerate. If she had snow warning, we'd be in the middle of a hail storm right now." Always a chance to offer 'wisdom.' Frankly, though, she liked that ability on her pokemon so much better anyway. She thought the Snow Warning Blizzard combo was such a cheap trick.

Her voice was a bit more subdued than usual. It was, perhaps, louder than Anastasia's, but it wasn't exactly loud. This place was somber enough that it felt wrong to draw too much attention. And, besides, there was a possibility there were kids missing, right? Better to lighten the mood, but not too much. Otherwise, people might break down, and that wouldn't do anyone any good.
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"Oh, you've an Amaura! That's wonderful, I've never seen one up close before. My father was always promising me a good look. Hello, there!" Rhyssa waved a little and smiled at the fossil pokemon.

With the invitation, she looked up, delighted.

"If you're sure it's alright, I'd be glad for the company. My mom does Pokemon research, so she's often pretty far afield most of the time," Rhyssa said with a slight shrug as if it didn't matter too much. "She was going to leave a Nosepass to take care of things at home but I talked her out of it."

Fallon flapped his wings and resettled on her head as she gestured. Nosepass were kinda creepy looking with all their, well, noses, but incredibly efficient. Fantastic for security reasons as well.
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Peanut smiled over at her with the attention. The pokemon's lower body was between her legs, but its head came almost up to their eye level. It bobbed and leaned over to let Rhyssa pet her if she wanted. Shizuka reached her hand affectionately to the back of its head and smiled in turn. She was duly proud of Peanut, not just for her rarity but the sentimental side of her.

"Peanut's a great pokemon," she said, feeling her mood lighten some to talk about her. "I like your Rowlet, too. I don't think I've seen one yet. We don't have many from the islands here after all." And she wanted to know all about it. The young girl pulled out her pokedex to capture it for her records, hearing the glean sound, but keeping the volume low. She could look him up later.

"Don't worry about it. I don't think the teachers want us to be alone right now, after all, so this is probably a good idea. My uncle can't always be at home either, so it gets pretty quiet with just me, Peanut and Gutsy. I bet a Nosepass would be helpful though." Who was Gutsy? That little imp wasn't coming out right now, no way, no how. She didn't trust him to behave at the moment, and this was not the time for his shenanigans.
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Anastasia's eyes didn't quite glass over when Shizuka went into the finer details of variations within members of a particular pokemon species... but the abrupt change of topic did leave her at a loss for words for a few seconds. "Oh. Um. Well..."

"...Couldn't be that much worse than this weather," she eventually went with, what was meant to be a bit of levity coming out almost as a complaint instead. With a shiver, she pulled her sweater against herself a bit more snugly.

"So... um..." her attention was, inevitably, drawn back to that bus that just... loomed there, its door open like a--
She gave an almost-imperceptible shake of her head, swallowed heavily, and forced her attention away from that. Dwelling on it was only going to make it bother her more, so instead,

"...Do you wanna get under my umbrella while we wait?" True, that might mean the invitation was de-facto extended to Shizuka's amaura (brrrr), and the girl had a rain coat, but... still.
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If she had known school would be canceled for the day, Emme never would have gotten out of bed. She's here now though, huddled away from the crowd and closer to the school building where she can see everyone without a mess of umbrellas and elbows jutting in her face, so all she can do is wait. Not for her parents to come— she hadn't called them, not yet, and doesn't especially plan to until the crowd of students thins out to nearly nothing— nor for the rain to lighten enough that her Pokemon wouldn't stomp her half to death for sending them out in the rain, her unwilling to drown her Mareep or Ponyta in exchange for companionship.

Instead, she tries to find comfort in others, a strained "Morning!" contrary to the heavy mood, to her classmates and their Pokemon. "What do you think happened?" she asks, when she can no longer pretend the bus isn't what holds the other students captive. Or she'd gripe a little, with a "I wish they close a clearer day to cancel school!" as she holds her hands over her forehead, shielding her eyes from the rain in lieu of an umbrella, which she has tucked away in her schoolbag and hadn't bothered to unfurl. "They should at least let everyone wait inside," she'd say, taking to stomping through puddles in agitation the longer the wait drags on, "instead of outside in the rain and all this noise."

Needless to say, she's worried. Anyone who knows her, knows she talks the more she's worried, trying to fill in the silence to keep thoughts at bay.
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"Worried?" Emme guesses, popping up behind Shizuka with her hands clasped behind her back without an umbrella to hold, knowing full well it's her own worries that she's projecting, because that look she'd caught in Shizuka's was more of curiosity than concern. "You know," she continues as she steps properly to Shizuka's side, content to make idle chatter on her own, nonstop, just short of breathless. "I bet I'm tall enough to see inside the windows if I can just get close enough. But they had to go block it all off, huh? I wonder if anyone's got a Luxray we could borrow. Don't they have something like X-ray vision?"
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Emme really doesn't like the look of that bus. It scared her, and so it's not something she wants to think about or even look at. Anastasia's umbrella is certainly something that catches her eye, cute in a way that it almost offsets the dark grey sheets of rain. Almost. Emme's own umbrella isn't patterned or themed, but plainly in sight on the side of her schoolbag meant for a water bottle, and this she pretends doesn't exist as she invites herself under the cover Anastasia's umbrella provides, bumping shoulders with the other girl with a wide grin that Emme hopes can convey the 'Don't worry! It'll be alright!' she can't come to believe herself.

"We finally get a day off from school, and all I want to do is go back to bed after being drenched in this rain!" She gives Anastasia a little more space at that, half in and half out under the umbrella, not really minding because it's not like she can get any more soaked. Better standing outside than drowning in the school bus... Ugh, her stomach clenches just remembering the glimpse of the when the door opened, the dark liquid spreading across the ground like it'd been bled out. It makes her feel sick, and all the more determined to get her mind off it. "Curled up under the sheets— and doesn't hot soup sound good right about now?"
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The moment Rhyssa's umbrella is out, Emme gratefully takes advantage of the refuge, stopping just long enough to wring the rain out of her hair before settling in underneath the cover. She laughs a little— a tug of envy at the Eevee soft around Rhyssa's neck, then something of sadness when she hears the other girl will likely go home to an empty house. Her own parents are on the way, probably, maybe after they've secured their plants and trees against the storm, but for now, Emme takes what comfort she can get with her classmates from school.

"More like you'll be swimming home, if the rain keeps up any longer," she says, peeking out beneath the umbrella, only to whip her head back in when she's met with nothing more unexpected than a face-full of water. "It'd probably wash away any paint or seeds we plan too— it's always like that here! Temperamental weather... Rayquaza's sure slacking!" She shakes a fist up at the sky, more theatrical than serious. "Come on up there, get it under control!"
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The kids huddled in the rain demonstrated a whole variety of reactions to tragedy. Cookie was hardly the only one staring silent into the fog, listening to the rain on her umbrella, nor the only one whose transfixed gaze contained within it a note of curiousity that was destined for the time to go unsatisfied. She really only looked worried when she looked down to her phone, running her thumb through through the droplets on its glassy screen. It took a few anxious swipes through the wet to pick up the call, but her voice was calm when she finally did.

"Hi, mom. I'm alright. No, it's okay. You don't have to. I'm alright. I promise I'm alright."

She spotted Emme too late to evade either greetings or questions, but nodded and gestured to the phone in her hand. With her classmate so close, she mumbled into the receiver.

"It's okay. I'll call back soon. Love you."

The phone went silent and vanished into one of the expansive pockets of Cookie's hoodie. In it's place came a beat-up pack of gum, which she proffered after taking one for herself and chewing thoughtfully.

"Yeah... but this is better than sitting and waiting to hear what's going on," she concluded. Then she looked Emme up and down with a small frown. Her umbrella was too small for two.

"Don't you have an umbrella?"
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"It certainly isn't the best weather, much colder than in Alola," Rhyssa nods, making a face. Fallon peers down at her, his face rotating as he lets out a questioning sound. She scratches his neck with a soft laugh and shakes her head.

"Of course it has to rain," she says after a moment. "That only makes that bus even creepier. I wish they'd tell us something more but I guess that'll wait until they actually know anything. I mean, it's a bus and it was clearly moving, so where are the kids? The driver?"

She wrinkles her nose.

"...the rain stopping would be really nice." The soft, whispered pretty please was added on like maybe she thought Rayquaza just might be listening, theatrics or not.
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"Okay, thanks," Rhyssa offers a tilt of her head and a smile. "How'd you two decide on the name 'Peanut'? And is Gutsy another pokemon travelling with you, too?" She waves at her two and laughs. "Mine are rarely in their pokeballs, not unless they want to be there. I think they like being out so they can keep an eye on me."

Both pokemon voiced their opinion on her being correct at the same moment and she had to laugh.

"Mhm, with this new development? Yeah, mom's going to regret me talking her out of leaving it here with me. Whoops."
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Emme's abrupt appearance elicited a startled "Ah!", and the shoulder-bump sent her momentary wobbling (she'd had her feet pressed close together, trying to huddle in on herself to conserve heat)--but, quickly enough she found her balance once more, and found herself flashing a grin back at the new arrival, albeit one that was awkward (on account of Emme's rather... assertive arrival) in addition to being rather forced (on account of the circumstances in general).

"Um--hi." While Emme's almost belligerent friendliness bordered on off-putting... after a few moments for Ana to regain her composure, it was a welcome enough diversion from.... other things, that she found herself not minding terribly much. "Ah, yeah, that..." another shiver, "That sounds pretty great about now. Ugh, it would've been nice if they could've canceled classes before we got all the way out here, yanno?"

It was an absurd sentiment, of course, with the rather obvious reason for the abrupt change of schedule hardly a stone's throw away from them--but that was sort of the point. Just proactively ignore it until it goes away.
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The pale blue light washed over his pallid face, a bright flicker beneath the encumbering mouth of an umbrella far too large for the boy’s size. The phone’s screen faded, and with it the light went, retreating from the umbrella’s curved spines, the pitch fabric reverberating with the rhythmic tap of pummeling rain. Poe loomed tall, black coat embracing his lanky frame. He could feel his warm breath sink into the raised collar, his fingers retreating behind long sleeves.

It would be a long walk home, too long of a walk. Hours, perhaps. His head lowered, a sleepy nod as he watched the water pool about his shoes in the midst of a haze. Well, there wasn’t much to be done now, was there? Mom and dad were working, surely there would be arrangements for getting everyone home. All that was left to do was wait.

Poe gave a small shrug, propping the umbrella just a little higher into the air, an invitation for anyone who couldn’t get dry. It was father’s, and therefore could easily shield at least four miniature humans. He gave a small wince as a drop slithered into the back of his collar, slipping down his neck. Ah well, it’d be done with soon enough. Home was waiting, warm and inviting, and stocked to the brim with hot cocoa mix. He could wait.
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"May I join you, my umbrella was snatched away by the wind." Even in a time like this Belladonna still spoke slowly and precisely. She moved under the edge of Poe's umbrella, half under, but half holding back before she got permission to step under the umbrella's shelter. Her own 'umbrella' had been more of a frilly acessory than something to keep the rain off and it had been pulled from her hands within moments of going outside. But it had looked quite dramatic flying away in the wind so Belladonna didn't mind.

Unlike many of the other children she seemed entirely calm about what has happening. She hadn't messaged her parents, they weren't fans of texting and if she called they would have only rushed down to see for themselves. The only sign one might get that she was at all unsettled was from her pacham that she was holding tightly in her arms like a toy bear, usually she kept him in his ball, and usually he was a boisterous force of nature when out of it. But now he was simply leaning his head on her arm comfortingly.

She looked at Poe with an empty expression on her face. "Are you afraid?"
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Poe's eyes widened gently as he noticed the girl, a familiar pounding rising up into his chest. New people, new places, all evoked the same response. It took him a moment to grasp the words, the sound of rain flushing out his thoughts and pulling him out of the momentary anxiety. A small "mm" tumbled out of Poe's mouth as he gave a nod, beckoning with a raise of the umbrella once more. He made sure to make enough room for the both of them, glancing at the Pacham and smiling briefly before settling back into a mildly concerned expression.

"Afraid?" A strained exhale. He glanced at Belladonna with a twist on his lips, eyes then moving back to the thick of the crowd. His words were soft and steady, a gentle and calculated voice.

"Yeah. Yeah... I suppose I am. I don't really know what's going on."

He turned back to the girl, not entirely sure what to make of her expression. With a light sniffle he brushed the hair away from his face.

"I'm not going anywhere any time soon, so feel free to stay dry as long as you'd like. My name's Poe. What about you? Are... are you afraid?"

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Shizuka took Anastasia's offer right about the same time Emme did. Allowing Peanut to sit outside and collect frozen raindrops, she nodded over at her and shook her head. "Hail hurts, trust me. I've seen it at work before," she said, before relaxing some and waving over at Emme, turning back to watch the proceedings as she talked. The weather didn't seem to be as much of a bother for her, not with that nice slicker covering her whole body up properly.

She shrugged. "I don't think this is the sort of thing we can ever really plan for. But, it would be nice to get in out of the rain," she admitted distantly. "I just don't like the idea of not knowing what's going on right now. You think they're really going to tell us at some point?"
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She had to think about it for a second before nodding. She was pretty sure that, yes indeed, they had x-ray vision. Or at least, maybe she'd heard a rumor about that at some point? She wasn't going to counter it though right then, simply looking back at Emme and frowning a bit.

"I know i look curious, but I'm not sure that we want to actually see what's inside the bus," she admitted, shaking her head. Besides, getting too close was just going to get the adults on their cases. This was a mystery for tomorrow.
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"Oh... well, she really likes peanuts, so it seemed like a good choice," she admitted, almost a little sheepishly. It had been a silly reason to call her pokemon that, but she had wanted a cute name for her friend, and Peanut seemed to like it. "Gutsy's my Chespin. I'd have him out too, but he'll never behave himself right now. I know better than to bring an Impish pokemon out right about now. He'd just give everyone trouble."

She shook her head and sighed. She loved Gutsy, she really did, but he was a handful. "Well, as long as we're together with our friends, we should be safe. Peanut's very strong, after all. I'm not afraid." No, she wasn't going to think about the fact that the missing students had left behind pokeballs.

In fact, she didn't want to think too much about the pokemon in those balls.
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"Hey, you doing alright?" Shizuka slipped up and behind him, the chill growing worse as her Amaura drew near behind her. It wasn't freezing, but it was always a little cooler around the big fossil pokemon. At this point, she was deciding it was a good idea to check on everyone, to make sure that there weren't any problems. Someone had to do the whole 'checking on the class' thing, after all.

"It's a little crazy, isn't it?" Everything was. For once, her usual cynicism was kind of at a loss for anything intelligent to say. What did you say about this?

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