foxfeathers: (xatlasstr5)
Rhys ([personal profile] foxfeathers) wrote in [community profile] the_low_reaches 2017-01-14 04:27 am (UTC)

"Oh, you've an Amaura! That's wonderful, I've never seen one up close before. My father was always promising me a good look. Hello, there!" Rhyssa waved a little and smiled at the fossil pokemon.

With the invitation, she looked up, delighted.

"If you're sure it's alright, I'd be glad for the company. My mom does Pokemon research, so she's often pretty far afield most of the time," Rhyssa said with a slight shrug as if it didn't matter too much. "She was going to leave a Nosepass to take care of things at home but I talked her out of it."

Fallon flapped his wings and resettled on her head as she gestured. Nosepass were kinda creepy looking with all their, well, noses, but incredibly efficient. Fantastic for security reasons as well.

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