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Shizuka ([personal profile] sail_away) wrote in [community profile] the_low_reaches 2017-01-13 11:44 pm (UTC)

Uncle Ueda would probably be one of the last ones here today. It wasn't because he didn't care, but really because he was caught in the middle of work. That was fine. Shizuka had been taking care of herself for a long time for the most part, and so she wasn't really worried about all that. All he cared about first was that she was ok and safe, and once she'd talked to him on the phone to let him know, he had said he'd be on the way.

Covered head to toe in a rain slicker, she watched what was going on with far too much curiosity right now. She wanted to know what had happened. She'd heard about the rumors in the past, and now the bus had appeared but not the kids? She'd known people on that bus after all, and she wanted to know where they were, if everyone was ok, and when she was sure that none of that was known, she wanted to know why.

At the same time, she wasn't going to ask or start pestering the adults about it. instead, she stared curiously at the front of the crowd, watching away and trying not to look too obvious about her curiosity. One hand idly rested on her Amaura, Peanut, fingers taking comfort from their chilled head. Her eyes stared on and she tried to decide how to investigate what was happening.

...but under the adults' watchful eyes, she was damned sure that wasn't going to be happening today.

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