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The moment Rhyssa's umbrella is out, Emme gratefully takes advantage of the refuge, stopping just long enough to wring the rain out of her hair before settling in underneath the cover. She laughs a little— a tug of envy at the Eevee soft around Rhyssa's neck, then something of sadness when she hears the other girl will likely go home to an empty house. Her own parents are on the way, probably, maybe after they've secured their plants and trees against the storm, but for now, Emme takes what comfort she can get with her classmates from school.

"More like you'll be swimming home, if the rain keeps up any longer," she says, peeking out beneath the umbrella, only to whip her head back in when she's met with nothing more unexpected than a face-full of water. "It'd probably wash away any paint or seeds we plan too— it's always like that here! Temperamental weather... Rayquaza's sure slacking!" She shakes a fist up at the sky, more theatrical than serious. "Come on up there, get it under control!"

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