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Emme really doesn't like the look of that bus. It scared her, and so it's not something she wants to think about or even look at. Anastasia's umbrella is certainly something that catches her eye, cute in a way that it almost offsets the dark grey sheets of rain. Almost. Emme's own umbrella isn't patterned or themed, but plainly in sight on the side of her schoolbag meant for a water bottle, and this she pretends doesn't exist as she invites herself under the cover Anastasia's umbrella provides, bumping shoulders with the other girl with a wide grin that Emme hopes can convey the 'Don't worry! It'll be alright!' she can't come to believe herself.

"We finally get a day off from school, and all I want to do is go back to bed after being drenched in this rain!" She gives Anastasia a little more space at that, half in and half out under the umbrella, not really minding because it's not like she can get any more soaked. Better standing outside than drowning in the school bus... Ugh, her stomach clenches just remembering the glimpse of the when the door opened, the dark liquid spreading across the ground like it'd been bled out. It makes her feel sick, and all the more determined to get her mind off it. "Curled up under the sheets— and doesn't hot soup sound good right about now?"

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