phasephoros: ([ 06 ])
emme ([personal profile] phasephoros) wrote in [community profile] the_low_reaches 2017-01-14 06:40 am (UTC)

"Worried?" Emme guesses, popping up behind Shizuka with her hands clasped behind her back without an umbrella to hold, knowing full well it's her own worries that she's projecting, because that look she'd caught in Shizuka's was more of curiosity than concern. "You know," she continues as she steps properly to Shizuka's side, content to make idle chatter on her own, nonstop, just short of breathless. "I bet I'm tall enough to see inside the windows if I can just get close enough. But they had to go block it all off, huh? I wonder if anyone's got a Luxray we could borrow. Don't they have something like X-ray vision?"

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