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Rhys ([personal profile] foxfeathers) wrote in [community profile] the_low_reaches 2017-01-09 05:16 am (UTC)

Rhyssa patted her lap after the mass exodus for lunch had departed and the teacher had disappeared. Kali hopped up for a quick brushing, her long ears flicking as the mint green Rowlet, Fallon, resettled himself on Rhyssa's shoulder. He nibbled distractedly at one of her ribbons as she fussed over the Eevee who was delighted with the extra attention.

"Well," Rhyssa murmured, "it's probably I packed something for everyone, hm? A little treat or two is as good as finding something out there. Come on, you lot. Fresh air is better than the basement." She wound her way out of the school, her neatly packed lunch in hand, and found a decent tree to sit at that grass had decided to grow in oddly fluffy spots.

"If I let you pick," she said as she scratched Kali's chin, "you musn't take two. One is for Fallon and you must always look out for each other. Only one." There was a purple and a red one in her hand and the silver Eevee looked between them with longing. Eventually, she chose the purple, and Fallon seemed pleased as he got the green from Rhyssa's fingers.

"If you're still hungry, you know where to go," Rhyssa said with a smile as she settled in to eat her own lunch now that her friends were settled. "And try not to bother anyone this time, Fallon." The little owl gave her a quizzical look and puffed up his chest before taking flight. Without only her Eevee left, who curled up at her feet, she watched the other kids with a grin.

There was a great view from here.

"...I should get some more pokebeans," she said thoughtfully. "Maybe someone else has them?"

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