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Now that pugnacious mouth did push into a pucker.

"That ain't fair, I didn't do nothin', it was Murk."

And that was true. What was also true was Raury could be heard snickering every time it happened.

The slight boy folded his arms across his slight chest and canted his head slightly. Those mudpuddle algae eyes cut and his nose turned up with a tilt of his head that should the crown he thought he wore actually exist, it would go tumbling. He rose from her desk and gave the leg of the one beside it a sulking kick, as if it were expected from him. It was.

"Besides, we're equal victims here. He constantly eats my homework."

That lie hung between them, thick as a rain cloud, and he didn't flinch from it. He brimmed with mean, and he wasn't getting no bigger, so it found its way out through his mouth, or it marked him. There it was on his tiny knuckles, or that gap when he grinned; he was raw boned from it. Seconds passed, him staring, but the set of his thin shoulders drooped.

Then they sagged with a sigh.


He produced the pen from the den Murk had made of his front pocket and slapped it on her desk, eyes carefully averted to the ceiling.

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