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Belladonna turned her head slowly to look Cookie up and down, showing no surprise at having someone suddenly appear beside her. Living in a house of ghost and psychic types had given her a tolerance of these things, besides it just wasn't right for someone of her family to jump at suddenly appearing sleepy girls. Although Cookie's ability to slide out of nowhere was admirable, it was a talent Belladonna lacked, possibly the lace, flounces and silver white hair made her hard to miss.

"A creature of untold destruction, the stars aligned at it's hatching to bring forth an animal of deep and forbidding terror." She said with grandeur and raising her hand to her temple. It was only a slight exaggeration, Bamba, adorable little pancham that he was, had caused a fair amount of property damage and was always up for a fight. Not that he often won any. Actually anyone who knew Belladonna remotely well had met Bamba and could probably guess it was his furry self inside the pokeball in her hand slightly obscured by her bag. If he was a creature of untold destruction was subjective.

She turned to Cookie her face blank. "Also I wish to locate an item, it might be something you could assist me with. I have something interesting in return." Her house was full of the spooky, the weird and creepy, coming across trinkets and curios that appealed to Cookie's economy had never been hard for Belladonna.

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