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Belladonna had worked quietly and diligently at the work handed out, grades were important her parents had told her as she'd questioned their relevance long ago. Not because they expected her to go into the sciences or any such thing, but it was vital to maintaining dignity and aloofness they had said, to be people's intellectual superior was better than to be their equal. She looked around her at classmates, there were plenty who got grades as good as hers' and deep down she suspected they had far more natural talent than she did, all she had was hard work.

She toiled away at her studies obediently and as such she had made easy work of what Ms. Poplar had handed out and as soon as it became apparent they could leave she began slowly gathering together her things. She never moved quickly, instead her movement were almost floating, careful delicate movements and wafting grace.

Her bag was a black and white lace affair with multiple internal 'secret' pockets, she opened one of them as she finished putting away her pencils and paper and looked down at Bamba's pokeball, touching it gently with a finger and then lifting it out and holding it in the palm of her hand. She had left Nightshade at home, he didn't really like being brought to school and she could tell from his behaviour he thought it was innapropriate for her pokemon to act as a distraction from classes. She wished she could let Bamba out there and then but he had a habit of getting into scuffles and being far too boisterous for the classroom, dignity and aloofness had never been traits of his.

"No, not now." She said to herself, her tone quiet and filled with far more of an ominous tone than it really needed.

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