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'Sis'. ([personal profile] heart_swap) wrote in [community profile] the_low_reaches 2017-01-01 01:34 am (UTC)

There were two worst kinds of days, as far as Marron was concerned. The first of those was the days when the work was too hard, when they touched on a subject that had given her trouble years ago and that she still struggled with now, the ones where she struggled through because she was too proud, too stubbornly not that kind of helpless idiot to need guiding through something she should have mastered before the rest of this class even found their way to this place.

That kind was rare, where the second kind was all too common.

The second kind - today - was the kind of day where she understood everything, where the work was so easy as to be insulting, where there was no point to doing any of it. At least insurmountable obstacles were still obstacles, still something that she could fight even if they weren't something she could defeat. This was just boring.

The bell rang, and she poked her bag with a foot. She could get away with it, if she just took her lunch out now. She could get away with a lot of things, but she wasn't quite hungry enough to make provoking Ms. Poplar worth it. Instead she just stopped making a big show of explaining the workings for sums that she (that anyone) could do in her head and started scribbling in the corner of the page, the kind of irritated scribbling that served only to do something mildly destructive but that could be explained away to a teacher as getting a stubborn biro to play nice.

It wasn't until the teacher was safely out of the door that she leaned back in her chair and stretched. Then she stretched more, phone in hand, trying in vain to catch a signal. Then she waved her phone around. Nothing.

"Churlin' basement. Why'd they give us the room with no reception?" She said to nobody in particular as she continued to move her phone through the air in search of some invisible perfect spot where it might be able to update her IMs. They had her saying it now, even if she'd be mocking their 'childish language' later. "Come on- come on-"

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