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Anastasia ([personal profile] pay_day) wrote in [community profile] the_low_reaches 2017-01-17 02:57 am (UTC)

The discovery that Rhyssa's father had apparently just gone missing was enough for Anastasia to raise her eyebrows in surprise, before filing that little bit of information away (it was good to know what topics to avoid around certain people; easier to just not hurt people's feelings in the first place than placate them later).

"Huh, wow, really? That's..." well, it sounded like something of a story, but that might come across the wrong way. "...really touching!" she went with, after the story of how Rhyssa had met... Kali, had it been?

Ana looked up periodically, enough to make it clear she was paying attention, between bouts of delicately stroking thw minty-green bird pokemon. The feathers, she thought, were surprisingly soft.

...On the one hand, she did want to step in (figuratively) and gush about, and maybe show off, her own pokemon, but--seeing as the one she had with her was a bug, maybe bringing Rosa out in front of a bird and a territorial eevee wasn't the best idea. Not that she thought anything bad would happen, just that her own pokemon probably wouldn't appreciate it.

"Yeah, I knew that about eevees! I've seen pictures of them before, anyway. Um, I don't know if I'd say odd... Well, they're your pokemon, so you'd know better, of course." She pauses, hums and tilts her head thoughtfully, "Though maybe I'm just used to unusually-colored pokemon? You know, with that whole... Sinjoh tradition about them." She gives a mild roll of her eyes (and a hint of a smile to soften that expression) at the mention of the tradition.

"...Oh! Do you have something like that in Alola? You know, local coming-of-age customs, that sort of thing."

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