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"Just the two! My father left an egg for me just before he..." Oh that was hard to explain. Her brows knit a little. "Well, he went on an expedition and just. Kinda disappeared. But not long ago, the egg hatched and I got my Kali, here." The Eevee pressed herself against Rhyssa as close as she could get as Rhyssa worked on eating her lunch around her words.

"She seemed like she'd been waiting in that egg for a long time," Rhyssa said thoughtfully. "The note he left said she'd been waiting for me. I guess some pokemon are like that, waiting for their trainers. He said she wouldn't hatch for him and he'd found the egg some time ago." She smiled as Fallon made appreciative noises and scuttled closer for more petting. He did enjoy attention and today seemed to be a relatively relaxed day for him.

Rhyssa glanced to the forest speculatively. One day, inhospitable or not, she was going out there. If she, Kali, and Fallon, trained really hard, nothing would be able to stop them exploring and talking to other pokemon out there.

Even if it was creepy.

She brought her head back around to the question instead of thinking in two places at once. Focusing would definitely help.

"Rowlets are usually a very light brown, white, and green," she said quietly. "But sometimes, they can be green. It's very suited to hiding in trees, really." Her fingers smoothed her Eevee's coat soothingly. "I guess neither of mine can be said to be the expected standard of their kind. Kali's coat is different as well, silvery instead of the more robust deep golden red of other Eevees. I've seen some like her here and there in my island travels."

Rhyssa laughed and shook her head, her twin tails flipping merrily.

"You know, I think I just attract odd pokemon. I don't mind at all, it's always their choice! That's why I go out and talk to wild pokemon and don't try catch them."

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