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"I was born in Alola, in Malie City," Rhyssa murmured, "where I lived until, well, I guess midway through the summer before moving here. So, sure, I'm pretty new. I miss the islands but, in a way, this feels like a journey of my own. Maybe the start of the biggest adventure yet. Oh! If you visited Johto, then you'd sort of understand that Malie City is a great deal like Johto. I've never been there. I've been all over the islands, though."

Fallon swooped in on silent wings just as Rhyssa opened her hand with a berry for him. He snatched it nimbly before landing to give Anastasia an appraising once over. Rhyssa smiled at him and gestured.

"I spent half a year looking for him, even if probably shouldn't have," she admitted. "In fact I fell down a hill to catch him. I think it was mostly because I'd never seen a green Rowlet before." She shook her head a little. "We sat for awhile, Fallon and I, and I talked to him about wanting to see the world. I guess that's when he decided he wanted to join me. I had mud and dirt all over me, scrapes, nearly broke my ankle, too. I suppose that's all he needed to know, that I'd come after him like that even just to talk to him. Some people will throw a pokeball at anything that moves. I can't seem to do that. I just want to talk with them and see what they see first. Right, Fallon?"

The Rowlet, looking extremely satisfied, made a soft sound in agreement and waddled in closer both curiously and for a pet. He was interested in the food, too, but only to see what it was.

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